I think I am changing now! My dream did come true when i am 21!

Reflection on CTEP, from YI Rasi, Cambodia


Before the program, i did not have much expectation from the program. All I knew was that I was selected to participate in the program and I had to do my best as a productive and energetic Cambodian participant. I did not know much about what was going to happen in the program. All I knew was just a brief schedule

The experiences I have encountered during the 7-day program did exceed my expectation. I have learned a lot of new things in life. That is, I have done what I never dared to do in my past, my terrible past in which I was scared of doing almost anything. Now, I think I have changed, and have phased to another new courageous and confident person. However, this is just a beginning of my new me, the one who does not have to suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence, and lack of love and trust.

To me, this CTEP is a so special and so unforgettable memory. I have experienced many incredibly-amazing first-time life events. And now I am ready to tell you what they are.

CTEP was my very first exchange program.
It was my very first time to have Thai friends.
It was my very first time to stay away from my mom for a week.
It was my very first time I could perform on stage as a main actor, Nadech.
It was my very first time that I was brave enough to share my personal story.
It was my very first time that I felt there was someone who understands.
It was my very first time I felt there’s no one making any judgments on me.
It was the very first inspiring program that i could gain back my confidence, love and courage, which i have lost during the past years.
It was my very first time I felt “caring, love, and pride” from my heart.
It was my very first time I was kissed by a girl friend.
It was my very first time i received a lot of warm hugs.

we learn from sharing from a word to a sentence....

Moreover, thanks to CTEP, I have got to know many good-hearted people. Like Khmer and like Thai, we came here with the same purpose, to build peace and love between our nations. And during the camp, I felt greatly touched and amazed by each and every participant, especially Thai friends. I, as one Cambodian youth, have grabbed every moment to get to know and understand each of them. And thanks to each special session from group discussion, family group, quiet time and sharing, to out-and-in-room activities, 7 days and 7 nights together have given us enough time to share experiences, stories, knowledge, love, care, and mutual understanding among one another. Everyone has a strong commitment to change. Everyone has a warm heart. Everyone is special. Everyone is unique. Everyone is friendly. Everyone cries, but is strong. Everyone might share different ideas, but we always stick to the same goal. Learn from mistakes, learn from one another. We share and we give, we exchange spirit and soul. Sometimes we learn to forget and forgive. We understand and we love one another. We hug and we cry together. Your story reflects my own story, and you cry and I shed my tears along. We appreciate what we have been shared. Some of you have given me a very special moment in life, and I appreciate it so much indeed.

each moment is counted

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ CTEP and everyone ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to the max!

I think I am changing now! My dream did come true when i am 21!
My Life is going to shine thanks to CTEP.
I learnt a lot of lessons about a Happy Life.
I am willing to bring Love to my family, to my friends, and to myself, and i am doing it now.

“Changes start from us.”
“If not now, when?”
“If not me, who?”

Again, I am so grateful to both Thai and Cambodian committee who have made this program happen! You have given us the very best camping program i ever joined in. Also, my dearest Thai and Cambodian participating friends, without you, I wouldn’t dare to change to be a very better person! Thank you all, and Love you all from the bottom of my heart.

we are starting now


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