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In Peace We Trust, In Us We Change

Written by Chanvetey Vann, Ornicha Tantiwechwuttikul, Pachara Sungden

We are ONE

“Before I came here I felt afraid. We have negative feelings toward each other, but if we don’t make ourselves come close to them, we will never know,” said Sambo Prak, a Cambodian participant in 1st Cambodia-Thai Exchange Program. “But when I am here, I really enjoy living with them.”

Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program (CTEP) is a seven-day youth camp takes place on November 7th to 13th 2011 with total fifty-five participants from both countries. The youth camp is organized by Initiatives of Change Association (ICA) in cooperation with Thai Volunteer Services (TVS) in purpose of restoring and strengthening the relationship between Cambodia and Thailand. This youth camp allows participants from both countries have a chance to create better understanding and mutual trust as well as alleviate discrimination and prejudice in personal level.

The camp is conducted under the theme “Let’s Learn to Live Together”. “We need a space where we can live and share experience together,” said Saksinee Emasiri Thanakulmas (Ying), a committee from Thailand. “Unlike many other conferences where political issues are heavily discussed, CTEP allows people of the two countries to first-handedly develop understanding and reshape their perception by actually living together.” She continued.

Throughout the program, a variety of activities are introduced such as family group, workshop, peace and conflict-related discussions, cultural night and so on, to break the invisible wall and encourage participants to be opened and learn more about each other. These activities eventually bring the two together as one, despite all the differences.

Not only did they learn from their friends, but also did they come to understand themselves better through the reflection of others’ stories. Quiet Time, one of the daily-based activities, enables participants to sit quiet and listen to their inner voice. “During the day, how many times you listen to your inner voice?” asks Sovathana Neang (Nana), a Cambodian committee.
A topic is given each quiet time such as family issue, relationship problem, childhood experience and so on, to assist participants to open up their mind. After a moment of quietness, with a lot of comfort ready to give and hearts ready to hear, many participants start to share their story, and it is then that a sense of trust gradually develops.

When asked about his impression toward to CTEP, Poramet Parkpian, a Thai participant and Ubon Ratchathani University student, said, “CTEP is a university of peace, love and understanding.” In spite of the fact that Cambodia and Thailand are geographically apart, the hearts of the two countries people have never been separated. If only the political leaders encounter such program that their people do, till then only peace remains.

Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program 2011


Apply NOW! 2nd Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program (CTEP) – ONLY FOR THAIS

The 2nd Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program
(Extended for Thai Youth: Deadline 31st August 2012) 

A. Background:
Long time of historical conflict and stories passed from generation to generation created hatred, prejudice and unhealthy relationship among people of the two neighboring countries, Cambodia and Thailand. Current clashes at the border have made things even worse and this needs immediate proper actions to be taken.
From 07 to 13 November 2011 in Cambodia, 1st camp was successfully and was very inspired to youths from both countries.

B. Theme: “Let’s Learn to Live Together”

C. Objectives:
The camp aims to build deeper relationship among Cambodian and Thai youth through living and learning together in order to reduce discrimination and prejudices.

I. Date and Venue

Date: Nov 24th – Dec 02nd 2012
Venue: Thailand (specific location will be confirmed)

II. Participant

The Camp will be participated by Cambodian and Thai youth who meet the following

– Aged between 18-30 years old
– Can communicate English
– Fully Participant
– Sense of ownership by contribution 20 US$. Scholarship of those who are necessary needed
– Diversity
– Gender balance
– Be healthy

III. Travel & Accommodation

All ground transports and meals will be provided as indicated in the program.

We will provide accommodation (based on sharing) from Nov 24th – Dec 02nd 2012. All participants are responsible for their personal expenses, such as mini-bar charges, room service, telephone calls, laundry service, use of business center facilities, and the Internet.
IV. Language

The program will be conducted in English.

V. Registration

The participant must send their Resume and the completed the Application form to our e-mail at before August 31st, 2012.

40 participants (20 participants from each country) will be selected to participate in this program.

For detail information, please visit our CTEP blog at:
Download the application form at:

VI. Organizer and Contact Person:

1- Ms. Jaruwan Supolrai (Netting)
Phone: +66(0)810722714

Mrs. Saksinee Emasiri Thanakulmas (Ying)
Phone: +66 (0) 852121980

Please submit your resume and completed application form in PDF format to

Before 31th August 2012.