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CTEP (Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program) History

The Cambodia Thailand Dialogue, now known as Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program (CTEP), was originally initiated in 2006 during the 12th APYC in Indonesia in an Open Space Program. After 12th APYC, the CTEP committee was formed in Cambodia.

Until 2008 when there was the 14th APYC in Korea, the Cambodian and Thai participants met again. Both team decided to continue working on CTEP. Both team agreed on the theme of CTEP of “Bring You and Me Closer”.

Coming back from the 14th APYC, participants came to their normal life and everyone has been very busy with their own study or work and their family life and their own personal life. The CTEP did not really work although there was some email correspondence.

ICA, who is one member of Working Group for Peace (WGP), knows a new group who are also really eager to see peace between our both countries, namely Thai Volunteer Service (TVS). This new group was introduced through our WGP network and by our donor, American Friend Service Committee (AFSC). ICA and TVS have almost the same vision to see the future of our two countries related to peace. ICA finally decided to work with TVS to develop real CTEP.

The CTEP committee from both sides agreed on the following stuffs:

v  The CTEP Duration

3 years, from 2011-2013

v  Theme

“Bring You and Me Closer”

v  Common Vision

To promote mutual understanding, trust, forgiveness, and dignity through networking, without discrimination, and hatred, towards a peaceful co-existence between Cambodian and Thai young people.

v  Activities

  1. Youth Camp
  2. Khmer Temple Visits
  3. History Analysis for Peace

Finally, the 1st CTEP was happened in Cambodia on November 07-13, 2011 as planned.

Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program (CTEP)

Here we are!!!


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