Until one day…, then I STOP Hate them

Living with neighboring who we are not really love and like them, make me feel annoy and frustrated every time when hearing about their name. Until one day, my perspective changed, I feel GREAT to be of CTEP.

My family in CTEP.

Every times I travel to Thailand, my heart is not really fresh because I always scare and worry to travel within their boundary. Not so difference from other high school students in Cambodia, I mostly was touch that they are thief and bad enemy to us during the past history and now on.

Most of the time, during my friends gathering, we were raised up only bad point when talking about Thais and their mother land. I am NOT purposely hate them, but this idea and perspective were always stay in my mind and always alert me to be careful when I met Thais people or travelling to Thailand.

Piggy full of Smile

One day, I had chance to talk openly, live and learn with Thai youths who were in the camp with me and other Khmer youths. The camp named “Cambodian-Thai Exchange Program, CTEP”. At the first impression when I saw them landing to Picnic resort, I felt already that they are different from us. We may not able to talk, to learn or even to live together.

Not like that, CTEP gave us a space to express how our heart wants to say about and how we feel to each others. How our sad story or and experience was, and also give us time to say sorry to each other, and so on. How we need is not different from them. We want love and peace. We want brotherhood and care. We want warm and hospitality. This is REAL US. We want to free our heart from our past history. Yes we did.

It couldn’t believe that I COULD DO IT because I used to receive lots of training about positive thinking or sometime about peace orientation, yet it wouldn’t change my perspective. But CTEP did. Thanks CTEP and everyone in the camp.

My family in CTEP. Our family name “Family = Father And Mother I Love You”

If you asked me how I changed my perception toward Thais people and their motherland for just only 7days together, I had NO word to describe, just say “Amazing CTEP, Amazing time, Amazing Learn and Live together”. It seems a short period that we were together in the camp, but I feel I learned and understand a lot from them and from what I used to think.

We are not ONLY friend but also family where Love and Care always provided.

Love from Piggy

Pisith LIM, Cambodia


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